Social Media Posts Divorce

How Social Media Posts Could Impact a Divorce Case

Have you ever posted something on social media and wished you hadn’t? Sure, you can quickly delete a Facebook or Instagram post and pretend it never existed, but how many people saw that post (text, photo, or video) before it was deleted? What if they grabbed a screenshot and forwarded the post to someone who…

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Executor vs Administrator

Executor vs Administrator — What’s the Difference?

The building blocks of any estate plan start with a last will and testament. By leaving behind a specific list of instructions in a will for your loved ones, you control how everything plays out after you are gone — from who gets what assets and when to who should care for your minor children…

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Decided in a Divorce

5 Key Areas That Need to Be Decided in a Divorce

As much as you’d like your upcoming divorce to move quickly, the reality is that even the most nip and tuck cases won’t be decided in a few days or weeks. They may not even be resolved in five or six months — especially when you factor in Texas’ 60-day waiting period before you can…

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Burial Directives

What Are Burial Directives?

One of the many benefits of a well-crafted estate planning strategy is the ability to account for nearly any need and circumstance you and your family may face. For some clients, that means sharing specific end-of-life wishes they want to be carried out soon after they’re gone — wishes that traditionally aren’t covered by a…

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Benefits of Joint Custody

5 Benefits of Joint Custody

In divorce cases with children stuck in the middle, the Court will always favor your child’s best interest concerning custody and do its best to determine a stable home and each parent’s role and responsibilities moving forward. In a perfect world with fit parents, that could mean having both parents still equally involved in the…

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Prepare for Divorce

5 Ways To Help You Prepare for Divorce

When you’ve never been divorced, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the legal process and your valid emotions. The good news is that you’re not alone. Millions of people divorce every year, and anyone who has gone through it will tell you it’s a stressful time made worse by the fear of the unknown and…

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Adopting a child

What Are the Basic Adoption Requirements in Texas?

Adopting a child into a loving and stable home is an incredible gift that will undoubtedly bring your existing family full circle. With that said, you likely have plenty of questions if you are considering adopting a child and may have wondered what the adoption requirements are in Texas. After all, adoption laws constantly change…

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What Is an Attorney-In-Fact and What Is Their Role?

A Power of Attorney is unique in your overall estate planning strategy because it allows for decisions to be made on your behalf at key points in your life, especially if you were to become incapacitated due to a car accident or illness. To ensure everything is handled appropriately, you need to name someone who…

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Termination of Parental

Termination of Parental Rights — Defined

The focus of any family law case is to preserve and protect the long-term best interests of children and families. And despite what you see on television or read online, most cases do reach a diplomatic conclusion — even in situations where all hope appears lost. With that said, there are disputes where the family…

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Pre-Marital Agreement

7 Benefits of a Pre-Marital Agreement

You’re getting married, and things couldn’t be better between you and your significant other. That is until they approach you about signing a pre-marital agreement. Also known as a prenuptial agreement or “prenup,” this agreement serves as a contract between you and your soon-to-be spouse that sets rules on things like property, assets, and certain…

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